Skate Repair

skate repairSkates are the most important piece of hockey equipment. Aside from the fact that skates are expensive, they are a hassle to break in. This combination of price and comfort should be enough of a reason for you to take the best possible care of your skates.

Proper maintenance of your skates prolongs their life, saves you money, and improves your mobility on the ice.

skate repair caledon

blade holdersBlade holders are the plastic pieces that connect the blades of your skates to the boots. Over time (and use), these weaken and can crack. Blade holders attach to the skate boot with rivets. Broken or loose rivets can lead to additional loose rivets and fatigue of the holder. Freaky Fast Blades has the equipment, expertise and inventory of rivets and blade holders in stock to repair your skates quickly so you can get back onto the ice.

skate tongue repairTongues sometimes wear through and break off, rendering the skate unusable. Tongues are often made of leather, cotton, and felt. Because they are made of a tough and durable material, they are very difficult to repair.

skate bladesBlades Until recently, players had to remove blade holders to access the steel blades. In general, this process hasn’t changed. However, an increasing number of skate companies are introducing blades that can be removed with external screws. Blades should be replaced when they are covered in rust, too short to sharpen, or when the blade has been over sharpened and the heel and toe has been rounded off. Replacing a blade before it becomes critical will likely prevent damage to the blade holders. Freaky Fast Blades uses Step Skating Blades, a Canadian based company dedicated to the design and manufacture of high end replacement steel. Step is recognized as the leader in the industry and is constantly seeking innovative technologies to deliver the best performing product.

Eyelets are the metal rings that skate laces thread through. These rings rarely get damaged, but they are difficult to mend if they do. If your skate’s eyelets bend or break due to rust, they need to be fixed immediately or your laces will likely tear your skate boots. Freaky Fast Blades has the professional equipment, expertise and inventory to repair your eyelets.

hot bake skate fittingHot Bake Skate Fitting– Do you have a new pair of skates you want to hot fit? If you have a new pair of skates that do not fit right, Freaky Fast Blades can use the skate bake oven to heat up your skates and help form them to your foot.

boot pressure point releaseBoot Pressure Point Release
– Do you have a bunion or unique foot shape that places pressure and pain on your foot? Freaky Fast Blades can relieve that pressure by expanding the boot just over that pressure point.

With most issues, proper skate maintenance boils down to two points: Time and effort. Drying off blades after every use or fixing something before it completely breaks can seem tedious, but it will prolong the life of your skates and prevent lots of upkeep in the long run. Treat your skates well and they’ll do the same for you!